The Wildhorse Traverse

The Wildhorse Traverse


This hat is a special 'Wildhorse Traverse' limited edition.

Representing more than just a race, this hat represents the Okanagan, where the lake is the backdrop for many of our adventures. The colours are typical of an Okanagan sunset with the warm sky contrasting with the purple, shadow of the hills across the lake.

The mountains on this design are taken from the entire Wildhorse Traverse experience. Starting in Kelowna on the right side of the hat, the trail goes up and over the Boulder Trail to the Wildhorse Canyon. Once through the canyon, the trail opens up to a spectacular view of the lake. Then, there are trails that take you down to the water’s edge before climbing up, and up towards the Southern slopes entering Naramata. After that, a slight decent on the KVR takes you through a tunnel from the old railroad days and drops you into a beautiful plateau where wineries flourish. Ahhh.

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Each of these hats are individually hand drawn and hand painted. 

There are 20 hats in this edition, each one individually numbered. 

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