The Fernie

The Fernie


This design comes in two colour options. Red and Navy Blue.

This doesn’t happen very often. But, sometimes i get requests to make hats with specific mountains on them. This is one of those times. I’ve never been to Fernie, but now, more than ever I want to go on a road trip to check it out. And, no trip would be complete without a hike up The Three Sisters.

Want to learn a little about this mountain range? In 1959 the mountain was officially named the Three Sisters referring to a legend where “an Indian Chief was enamoured by three maidens and could not decide which one he would choose as a bride. When the elder chiefs asked the gods for their help in making this decision, the gods punished their indecisiveness by turning the young chief into a mountain (Mount Proctor). Upon hearing about this, the grief of the maidens was so great that they asked the gods to turn them into a mountain also – and so became the Three Sisters in Fernie.” - Tourism Fernie


These limited edition hats are individually hand drawn and hand painted. 

Each one will be numbered and no more will be made just like them.

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