Adventure Photos

Snaps from exploring the world

Race Photos

A Collection of Photos from the PACE Trail Series


Like my event series hats, my photography explores how we experience an event or a landscape and celebrates the memory of that experience. I love to capture experiences because there’s power in remembering those times, whether deep into a 50k trail run or halfway up a tough mountain pass, when we realize we have done more than we thought we could. The struggles we experience while adventuring/running can become generic in the sense that they all blend together. But when I see a photo of myself from a race or adventure I remember how I felt at that exact moment and it all comes back. I hope that’s what people experience when they see my photos. I hope they feel proud of what they did.

I love taking photos at races because I get to see how everyone’s experience is so different. Some people love the whole thing, with big smiles on their faces. Others might be suffer for a moment or two, but, there’s usually a way to get someone to smile or laugh. I like to move around a race course a lot while shooting photos and some of my favourite moments have been when I can run with someone for a while and just talk to them. Sometimes it’s just chit chat, sometimes I get to encourage them to keep going.