Ode to the Trucker Hat

A Majestic Trucker Hat
A tree adorned with a trucker hat.

Oh, the trucker hat!

So awkward and clumsy

Size unnecessary and ridiculousness plenty

On windy days, you often get carried away

Your flagrant disregard for aerodynamics is an abomination

And you are too sensitive to be stowed for fear of a foamy crease...

Yet, somehow, despite your plentiful shortcomings

You have won the hearts of so many trailrunners the world over

Oh, the trucker hat!

You sit high and mighty, full of satisfaction

Your size fits all, no matter how large or small

On sunny days, you offer shade and shelter

Excess heat flows freely through your mesh back

Flipped, you provide extreme confidence, unmatched

Oh, the trucker hat!

A blank trucker hat stares blankly without judgement

Craving to be covered with colourful crust

Begging for story and meaning and life


With inky pen and painted brush

You are marked, emboldened, becoming

A shameless, race day crown

Oh, the trucker hat!

Another trucker hat picture.
A group of awesome people wearing trucker hats.
A few hats